Award Administrator Portal Features

Automated Processes and Seamless Workflows

eScholarship takes the burden off Award Administrators by automating manual processes such as eligibility and award amount determination. eScholarship carries a heavy workload, freeing up staff to engage with students and communities more effectively. Accepting applications, processing student information, and awarding funds has never been easier.

  • Flexible Data Imports
  • Lifecycle Student Management¬†
  • Configurable Multi-Year Awarding & Eligibility Criteria
    -Automatic Eligibility Determination
    -Automatic Appeal Process
    -Automatic Award Determination
  • College Interests & Transfer Notifications Management
  • Special Events & Program Tracking
  • Customized Implementation Process
  • Individual or Bulk Invoice and Payment Processing
  • Customized Reporting
  • Unlimited Letter/Email Templates
  • Secure Text and Email
  • Email Inbox and Bulk Notifications
    -Set Priorities and Statuses
    -Designate Assignees
  • SIS Data Integration