K-12 /College Portal Features

eScholarship Directly Connects Awarding Organizations to Schools

 eScholarship can manage any and/or all student data from Kindergarten through post-Graduation (test scores, enrollment information, grades, employment, etc.) and subsequently use that same data to track, measure, and report on student outcomes and scholarship impact.

K-12 Schools can import data from a current Student Information System into eScholarship OR adopt eScholarship as their Student Information System, thus eliminating the need for separate "homes" for student data. 

  • Flexible Data Imports
  • SIS Data Integration
  • Permission-Based Access to View Student Scholarship/Program Eligibility
2 and 4 Year Colleges can manage and integrate scholarship, grant and awards programs with one flexible, online solution. Colleges can:

  • View Student Release Forms, Applications, and Documents
  • View Student Interests and Enrollment Lists
  • View Invoice Payments and Statuses
  • Send Secure Text and Email Notifications
  • Create and Access Flexible Reports in Real-Time
  • Import and Update Student Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid